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Guest manuk

from student visa to 820 onshore spouse visa

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Guest manuk

Hi everyone!

Hope someone can help me with my confusions..Really glad to have some replies which can help me out ..

I am a student visa holder in Melbourne vic currently finished my diploma

but still got student visa ..it will be expiring on september 2012 ,,10 more months.it happened because i originally came to australia to do a bachelor's degree but i end up doing a 2 year diploma.ANy how Im still a lawful student currently continuing with another diploma paying full time tuition fee due to the conditions of holding a student visa

I recently got married legally in australia n applied for temporary spouse visa in end of october.and i ve got a email from immigration saying that they have started considereing my application as a valid application for a temporary spouse visa n it said the process generally takes 9 to12 months to process.

My question is there a possiblility I can cancel my student visa till i get my spouse visa approved ? rather than waiting on my current student visa which i have to pay full time tuition fee? So that I can save some money..n do not have to study.

I know it is possible for me to get a bridging visa if i cancel student visa but im not aware which bridging visa would it be..(that is my concern i still want to work while im here)

Can some one please help me with these matters .

Truly appreciate your time .


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You will have recieved the details of your bridging visa A when you recieved the confirmation of application. It will state any work limitations which apply to the bridging visa (these should be the same work conditions as your current student visa).


This bridging visa will kick in if you student visa terminates.

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