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Skills Assessment Needed for 457 Visa?

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Hi Guys


Although we've been trawling through the PIO forums for a while now, I've never written a question before, so I hope I've put it in the right place.


My husband has got a possible job interview with Queensland Fire & Rescue Service as a Mechanic, we have approached the subject of a 457 Visa with them and it sounds like it may be a possibility. One thing I'm a little confused on is whether he needs to do a skills assessment or not - it seems the answers varies dependent on the job role?


He'll be coming over as a Motor Mechanic which is on the SOL for Queensland. Also does anyone know if the Queensland Fire & Rescue Service has ever sponsored employees before?


I would be grateful for any feedback!



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You dont need a skills assessment if you are sponsored on 457 visa. But if you were looking to apply for 176SS with QLD, you will require a skills assessment.


If you OH works on 457 for 2 years, works for employer for 1 year and employer is willing to sponsor him for PR you wont need a skills assessment

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