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Queensland Health Grad program query?

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Hey all,


I am just reading the Queensland Health Graduate Nursing Program prospectus, and it states that for me to apply for a graduate program..then I need a Visa, and a passed ILETs test, and registration at point of interview? If i am reading that right?


It says about the visa, that if i am currently in the process of applying for the visa, then I shouldnt apply for the program until its been granted.


My problem is, the visa I was going to be applying for is the temp 457 visa where you need to be sponsored?? Surely I wouldnt have that yet, as I was hoping that the hospital that were offering me a grad program would be sponsoring me??


Im CONFUSED!! :wacko: Can someone help?

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Guest roaminnomore

I have not got a clue which visa you require! Try the visa wizard on the Government website, would have thought you require a 'student visa'? Leila

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No I wouldnt have thought I would need a student visa, as I was under the impression its a postgraduate thing. As I am currently a student here atm in the UK doing my Nurse training in my 2nd year. Once i qualify I will be a registered nurse, but rather than wait here and get post qualifying experience, you can go over to Oz, and work for a hospital on a postgraduate program to settle you into your new role and new hospital.

Which sounds perfect for us, the visa i think that applies for this is the 457 temp sponsored visa, which is where queensland health for eg, or the hospital sponsors you, but just wasnt sure how that happens before applying for the grad program...dunno am so confused...


Is there anyone out there, that has done or is doing their grad program who can offer any advice as to how they got their visa?

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