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Hi all, Just starting the long process...HELP!! lol

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Hi All,


This is my first thread and will probably be pestering you all over the coming months :) as i am just about to tackle the 175 visa process head on without the aid of a migration agency........:-/


Does anyone have any helpful tips or advice on the application process and any hidden nasties I should look out for?


I am an Automotive Electrician with 5 years experience but no qualifications in this area........ does this matter? I also have a level 2 Apprenticeship in the application of engineering techniques and an HNC in Mechanical Engineering.

How do I go about getting a skills assessment for an Automotive Electrician with only the 5 years experience to go on? Can I just get references from my employer (or preferably my supervisor so I don’t need to tell my employer yet) and send them in a nice e-mail and await the outcome?


Thank you for your time,




p.s. if I can be of any help to anyone let me know.

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Hey there , This is exactly what agents are for , they know the system inside out , and can offer a wealth of knowlage and support , from many many real life cases , thats their job . they can proof read all your docs and submissions and make sure everything is covered so u dont end up waiting 6 months only to be refused because u didnt cross a few T's and dot the I's


it is doable on your own , i wouldnt know where to start , id say you could be looking at an extra year's work to if that makes a difference to you ,


Im self employed , sheet metalworker , ANZSCO code 3222 , just doing the VETASSESS ( SR1 form ) app now , Ive hadto do stst declarations cos im self employed , cv's and obtain a lot of docs .


If you PM me your email i dont mind sending you a few docs to read through , some will be relevant , some wont but u can read what i wrote for my trade and use as a template at least .


Hope this helps , like i say u can go it alone but im spending a couple of grand for a speedy visa and the best possible chance of getting to oz , thats worth more than a few quid to me .



IELTS 08/10/11 8.5/8.5/7.5/9...8.5 O/A, VETASSESS 15/11/11,level 1 pass 19/12/11,practical 25/02/12, results 21/03/12, WA SS 04/04/2012,Approved 30/04/12,DIAC 18/05/2012, CO 28/05/12, PC's 30/05/12, meds 01/06/12 PCC 19/06/12 , VISA Granted 21/06/12......


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