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getting qualification recognised

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we was going to go for our skilled visa as partner has had 7years experience plastering, but have now found out we have to wait another 12months as he has to of had 3 years experience plastering AFTER he gained his qualification ( he only has 2 years experience) ---> big knock back number one!


We have now found out, but not 100% sure that he has to have his level 3 (he has level 2) We have been emailing TRA and blue migration as to what to do now etc. They have said we need to get his trade recognised in Australia which will cost 3k- i thought that TRA- was to get your trade recognised- so now we both really confused! ---> another big knock back!


Any one explain to us any better please? and if we do pay this 3k to get his trade recognised- does this mean he doesnt need to get his skills assesed by TRA? And do we still need to have the 3 years experience AFTER he gained his qualification? ~confused~


Kind regards

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