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Guest chillycandy

how long does bridging visa B process?

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Guest chillycandy


I am just wondering whether any people in this forum help me with bridging visa B process. ^^


I am currently holding bridging visa A as a result of submission of graduate visa, and am planning to go back to my home country for holiday end of November, 2011, which is a week and half later....and actually haven't got air ticket..(I am sure I can get one if I look for it ^^)


I thought there will be no issue regarding granting bridging visa B as I believe payment of bridging visa B with an evidence of my flight surely ok and department officer will just grant my bridging visa B straight away. But this is what I thought, I would like to know whether this is true.


So my question is;

1. How long does bridging visa B process? Could anyone kindly explain about the procedure?


2. For the substantial reason, I don't actually have this, I just wanna go back as I miss my country and family, but for the safety, I might need to write down that I will attend my cousin's wedding rather than vague words like "domestic issues", right? Also, in that case, should I submit an evidence for the substantial reason? (e.g wedding invitation?)


3. Could anyone know what documentations should I bring to the office for bridging visa B??


Any help would be really appreciated!! Thank you!!

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