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4 weeks on...

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A little update on how things have been for us (hubby and seven year old daughter).

We landed in Melbourne 14 October and stayed in a nice little unit in Box Hill. A good area for getting trains and trams to the city and lots of Asian markets nearby. If anyone is looking for accommodation we used HomeAway and I can forward you the details if you would like. The price was $750 per week which is ok for Melbourne.


My husband is a printer and spent the first couple of weeks following up leads from the Uk and going to recruitment agencies. Myself and my daughter spent time at Box Hill swimming pool and joining the library. Anything that did not cost too much money! It was expensive during the week to catch a train because we were in Zone 2. My husband was offered a job in Melbourne but it was not on a contract so there was no security. He was then offered a job in Brisbane and a contract so at the end of the 3rd week we jumped on a plane and here we are. We managed to find accommodation for 17 nights at Upper Mount Gravatt East, if anyone wants the details please let me know.


Hubby started work straight away and my daughter has started school - its a state school and already she has made lots of friends. I am immersing myself in the local school by helping out in the classroom and making sandwiches for the once a week tuckshop. After the long summer holiday I hope to find paid work. We have managed to rent a property at Upper Mount Gravatt and move this coming Monday. We have also bought a 2nd hand car which we have had for one day and it started to leak. We bought it from a dealer and they have just replaced 2 hoses.

Fingers crossed it will be ok if not I will have to give them some bad publicity...


Our lives have been hectic and it is not slowing down yet because we need furniture which is not being shipped. Our container has been diverted from Melbourne to Brisbane for an extra cost. I now realise that I have far too many jumpers and coats due to arrive from the UK - it is a lot hotter up here.


If anyone is doing anything similar then let me know and I will try to give you some advice. We are not living the dream yet but we are on the journey.

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Hi there....


I'm glad things are falling in to place for you and hope you are enjoying Brisbane.


I just wondered how things are going financially given that you are not working and your partner the only income earner. My wife works and I look after our son, work is hard to get and childcare would be nearly impossible to afford (temp 457) so It's a bit tight for us.... are you comfortable?

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Ask me the same question in a month's time. Until we move into our rented house we haven't any idea what we will be spending on electricity etc. Our food bill is low because we eat lots of veggies, lentils and rice and we don't spend money in fancy restaurants. We have used our savings to buy our car and pay for the bond and to get us set up. As long as I can afford to send my daughter to swimming lessons and dance lessons I will be happy. In the UK I worked in a pre school and I will be looking for casual- term time work next year. Our rent here is $410 per week. I knew that coming to Australia would not bring me financial benefits, but life is short and at least it's a change.


I have heard that it is more expensive to live in Sydney. I have also seen how expensive it is to use child care over here. If you lived here I could do the child care for you lol.


Good luck in Sydney and I hope it works out for you all.

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