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CO assigned but need advice on further info requested

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Hey all,

We got our CO today so am very excited about it now! :biggrin:


They asked for the usual but then further work evidence for the past 5 years working exactly. It is going to be hard to get more than I have sent already but my main question is do you think they have asked for this as they think we are claiming the points for working 5 out of the last 7 years? As we aren't and we have enough points without this. Or is is just a standard check for work experience?


Any help would be great x

Vic SS applied 03/11, granted 05/11, IELTS passed 09/11 score 9/8/8/8.5 overall 8.5, pos skills assessment 18/10 ,176 app 22/10, granted 16 Dec 2011!

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