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Health Insurance - PMV Visa

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Hope someone might be able to answer my question. I have just come to the end of my private health insurance policy in Ireland and now looking at options for travel insurance to cover my 9month prospective marriage visa. However, to get the right cover I need to renew my original policy and then pay an additional 50e for a multi-trip policy which doesn't really cover this kind of visa given that it is not a holiday. The other option is an additional 900e which is out of the question.


So ultimately what I want to know is whether I should just wait to get there and go on my partners policy or take out my own, or can I even do that as a non-resident?


Under the prospective marriage details on the immi website it states:


"you may use Australia's medical expenses and hospital care assistance scheme, Medicare, but only if you are in Australia and have already applied for a Partner visa"


I'm not entirely sure what that means...any help would be great, cheers!


Visa Sent 15th July, Meds Done 18th July, Confirmation/CO Assigned and extra docs requested 19th July...waiting!

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