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Vetassess - Statutory Declaration

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Hello there,


Would appreciate some help on this - collating all documents to send off to be signed by my solicitor.


I am a bit confused on this form, basically I won't be able to attain any information regarding my current employment as evidence as I don't want to tell them about my plans, let alone lose my job!!! So, have been told that you can fill this form in - went onto their website:


http://www.ag.gov.au/statdec - form on the right hand side.


Is this going to cause any problems with a solicitor signing it as it's an Australian document, and also is this the correct form to fill out?


Thank-you :-)

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Guest dmcevilly

A statutory declaration is covered under Commonwealth Law for both UK and Australia so a British solicitor will be happy to certify on your behalf. You will also need to do the same to declare your current UK residency to avoid Australia's equivalent to VAT when paying your fee's. Cost's vary from £10.00 - £100.00 when I researched. Hope this helps.

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Thank-you for your help, is this the correct form? Just thought I would double check :biggrin:

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