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Things to include spouse visa application 309 partner visa

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Guest kalv1uk

Hi everyone,


Apologies if this is duplicated but I can't find this elsewhere after doing a couple of searches. I have just had my 309 partner visa granted from the Aussie embassy in London (Granted 11/11/11). I'm British and my wife is from New Zealand but lived in Australia and qualifies for sponsorship because they moved to Australia before 26th Feb 2001.


Just thought it may be helpful to other people applying to include a list of what I sent with my application - not to say this is all required of course, whatever they don't need they will send back. I put it all in a folder (because I couldn't cope with the thought of putting them all in a big pile of paper) and they left the pages in the plastic wallets but made me take it out of the folder and slide it under their glass screen (like you do in a bank / at the post office). I also put on every plastic wallet a number to match to the contents page, what was in it and whether it was certified or not. e.g. "8. Applicant birth certificate copy. Certified". I also wrote on what they were evidence of e.g. links with Australia, evidence of relationship etc and I used a dynamo label maker to make sure it was neat. Things that need to be certified don't need to be notarised copies just certified copies of the originals which are significantly cheaper and easier to get. I'd suggest to do all the photocopying yourself then just take it all together to be certified. I used a notarised solicitor just because I'd used them before but am sure you would be able to get it done cheaper elsewhere. However the embassy provides a list of who can certify documents. I'd also suggest get extra copies of your passports, driving licences, utility bills etc as you need these multiple times not just for the application but also for the police checks etc so you end up needing quite a few copies.



Right here is what I sent:


First page - Page of contents with page numbers.


1) Payment mandate London office (although I handed it in at the London desk in person and they took payment there and then)

2) Application form 47SP Applicant

3) Application form 40SP sponsor

4) Sponsor ability to support applicant letter - original

5) Sponsor length of Australia residence and visa category 444 held before 26th Feb 2001 evidence - copy of passport page - Certified

6) Certificate of status for New Zealand citizens in Australia - certified

7) Sponsor birth certificate copy - Certified

8) Applicant birth certificate copy - certified

9) Applicant passport copy - certified

10) Passport photos - in a seperate envelope 4x applicant and 2x sponsor. Got my boss who is a Dentist to certify them on the back as a true likeness. I also provided a piece of A4 paper with his address and mobile on in case of any problems. I'd suggest doing this for the police checks also - ours was delayed because his signature was so bad!

11) Marriage certificate copy - certified

12) Applicant police check - original

13) Applicant medical exam with date booked - copy of email confirming date and location

14) Applicant statement of history of relationship

15) Sponsor statement of history of relationship

16) Statuatory declaration of relationship - first declaration - original

17) Statuatory declaration of relationship - second declaration - original

NB some people include friends, families, employers etc but we only used the two people who were friends of us both.

18) Sponsor passport copy- certified

19) Letter of support (from her parents assuring us financial support to prove we don't need benefits)

20) Sponsor payslips last 2 years copies - certified

21) Sponsor accountant letter and tax file number copy from Australia - certified. (Proves continued links with Aus)

22) Sponsor death nomination - superannuation benificiary copy - certified

23) Sponsor superannuation (pension) statement copy - certified

24) Sponsor university transcript copy - certified

25) Sponsor tax file number copy - certified

26) Sponsor Australian savings copy - certified


Section 2 (These were either originals or copies. None were certified)

27) Photo - engagement ceremony / registry office wedding NB dates and locations were put on all the photos themselves

28) Sponsor - anniversary and birthday card to applicant

29) Photo - night out in April

30) Photo - nights out in August and September

31) Photo - Applicants 30th birthday party

32) Joint invitations to social events from friends - birthdays, christenings, weddings etc (we sent the actual original cards)

33) Flights & hotel trip for joint travel - applicants 30th birthday Dublin (Copies of hotel and flight receipts etc)

34) Flights & hotel trip for joint travel - sponsors 30th birthday New York

35) Hotel receipt for 1 year anniversary trip away

36) 1 year anniversary cards to each other copies

37) One year anniversary gift receipt from applicant to sponsor

38) Christmas card from Sponsors family

39) Wedding card from applicants staff at work

40) Selected joint bank statements - NB important information blanked out e.g. bank account number etc

41) Mobile phone bills showing contact between couple over selected months highlighted

42) Facebook page printouts of sponsor and application - highlighted part showing who married to

43) Multiple receipts of joint household items - e.g. 2x shopping receipts for grocery shop, blender, tv etc etc

44) Joint rental agreement for apartment copy

45) Joint council tax bill for apartment

46) 3 months joint bank statements - i.e. has both of our names on

47) Emails showing our relationship first developing

48) Joint insurance policy for our wedding rings

49) Credit card bill showing sponsor as additional card holder

50) Joint mobile phone and travel insurance statements with both our names on

51) Joint tickets for events coming up in future - e.g. comedy shows, concerts etc

52) Breakdown of household responsibilities - (an A4 page outlining who drives, who cooks, who irons, who does the dishwasher etc)


SECTION 3 - Extra evidence

53) Applicant degree and registration certificate - certified

54) Applicant CV

55) Sponsor CV


They sent half of section 2 and 3 back after receipt however since I went down there and handed the application in person I didn't want to make the trip twice. As an FYI for those of you planning on going down early - it opens at 9. I got there at 8.15 and there was a queue of 2 people in front of me already. So I'd suggest getting there early, they are however quite quick and efficient. They make you stand outside - so I'd bring a coat and umbrella too!


Also, if I did this again I would have included my Wifes Australian and UK police checks with the application above and booked in her medical at the same time as mine (and included evidence that hers had been booked too). They asked for these after I submitted my application.


Good luck!!



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Looks like a very organised application :biggrin:


Only one but: Australia House ask you to not use folders. As everything needs to be taken apart and scanned into the computer system:

How Should I Put My Application Together?

Please do not make complex collations of your application papers. We waste a lot of time (and risk injury to life and limb) deconstructing applications which have been extensively stapled or artfully put together in complex folders with indexes, dividers and tabs. Do not use plastic inserts. Please leave the papers, loosely divided by slide-on paper clips if you feel it is absolutely necessary, in a simple stack. Application form on the top; sponsorship form next; key personal documents next (birth and marriage certificates etc); formal statutory declarations next; and other supporting documents last.


full email from them here: http://www.gotmyvisa.co.uk/2009/09/useful-email.html

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Guest kalv1uk

Thanks Peach.... Yep you are completely correct.. my OCD got the better of me though!

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