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foreign bank transfers

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So DH is over there and has signed up with bank west, or is it west bank? Not sure, anyway, he's been told he can't make international transfers online, but must go to the actual bank and make a physical transfer which is highly inconvenient and so he's been going to western union to send me money, but that works out expensive.


My question is, is there any bank over there where you can set up to pay an international bank account online? It seems bizarre that you couldn't, even in the middle east we could do that from our bank account.


Any advice?


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Guest Longdistance

Hey, my dh is with HSBC. There is one in the Perth city, and think Joondalup. You can transfer money with them, as dh already had an account with them in the UK. They set him up with the account really quick 2. Hth x

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Why not set up a NAB and Moneycorp account and transfer the money that way, no fees involved x

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