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Nurses moved to OZ in 2011 and in the process of moving

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Hi all,


Please can the nurses moved to Oz in 2011 and in the process of moving sahre information about the type of visa (457 or PR) and also the time line as it will help us to decide the type of visa.


The hospital is happy to sponsor my wife on 457 but not ready to wait for PR (advised by the ageny not directly by the hospital as applied using agency) and apply for PR once in Oz. So this is not sure when once u are in OZ. As we have school going son and we are moving to Sydney (NSW) the school education is not free if ur on 457 and also for as a spouse it will difficult to get the job as agencies do not conside ur if ur on 457. So would like to have more info from nurses who moved recently and also in the process of moving to decide whether we can proceed on 457.


Appreciate any advice or info.



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