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Mandurah and Bunbury Pros and cons

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Started a thread about Rockingham and Mandurah and got loads of replies. Now it looks like we have to go Rural which rules Rocky out. So looking at options like Mandurah and Bunbury.


I know some people just want to use the word Bogans ( by the way this is a scottish word)


But looking for advice, There is me I am in sales my wife is a Hairdresser and my 5 year old Daughter who love her clubs like Dancing and Tae kwon do. Looking for somewhere safe and peacefull a big change fro the west coast of Scotland. Jobs have to be had maybe not in what we do just now. I will research things like schools and real estate but somethings cant be looked up on the net.


Any help would be great.



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Guest guest17301

Bunbury is a city these days with a major hospital and everthing you could need. Quite a lot of new estates cropping up so modern affordable housing...about 1.5 hrs drive from Perth city and another 1.5 hours down to the South West Margaret River region. Mandurah...I wouldnt class that as rural personally but if I had the choice Id go further south than Mandurah. Nice for a day out but I wouldnt want to live there.

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