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Guest chrism1

Cost of Living Buloke Shire, Vic

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Guest chrism1

Hi all; can anyone help?


I am coming over to Aus and will be residing in Donald for six months (if all goes well will be moving to Geelong after this period) and have no idea about costs. I will be getting a initial salary of $82,000 and subsidised rent (it will cost me $90 p/w) but have no idea if this is enough.


I still need to send home around $300 p/w to keep things running in the UK until I get my probationary period over with.


I will not be living too extravagant but would like to go for a few beers two or three times a week and maybe the odd round of golf.


Any help with food costs, utilities, the price of a scooner etc would be much appreciated.

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Living in a small country town is more expensive for food. Real estate can be cheaper, have a look on realestate.com.au for the rents in Donald.


My son lives in the country and he started out in a small wheat town near Mildura and loved it. He now lives in a town on the Murray and love it there too. Social life in both places was/is great.

Have a look at this web site http://www.donald.org.au/


You should be fine on the wage in the country.


:ssign15:taking no prisoners :wink:

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