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Which Visa for my son?

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Hi, we are here under a 457 visa and have another 8 months to go until we can apply for a 856 PR with our sponsors. Our son has just finished Uni (has done whole degree here) and unless he gets his own visa to go out into the workforce, he will have to study another semester at least or more...to be considered our dependent. It´s too expensive to pay for another course as well, but he also wants to stand on his own 2 feet!

Looking through DIAC site and doing the visa wizard, the best visa would be Skilled Independent 175 or 885. BUT, reading through the "this visa is for" and "you must be/have" stuff, none of the 2 mention 457 visa.

Has anyone who has studied In Oz applied for a skilled visa and which? How long do they take to be granted? In general how much do immigration agents charges to take care of the visa process?

He has done a double degree- Bachelor Computer Science and Games Technology

Thanks for your help.

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I would think the 885 visa would be the best, but he needs to apply within 6 months of completing his course. I think as an overseas student he should be eligible for this visa.


Also he would need to nominate an occupation the is on SOL 1, I dont know what would be best suited to his dergee - maybe Developer Programmer?


He would also need to sit the IELTS and get 8's in all to get 20 points.


Age - 25 (dont know how old your son is but less than 25.)

English - 20

Qualifications - 15 for degree

AUs Study - 5

Total 65 - which is pass mark.


I would get some advice from agent to find out if this is the best visa to go for.

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