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Guest Julesmt

How long does it take for a sponsor to be approved please? Any advice needed

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Guest Julesmt

Hi All,

I'm new on here but have been reading many forums from you guys and I must say thank you all so much for the info you give. I've learnt so much about moving to Oz.


Myself my husband and my 3 children (18,15,and 13) would love to get the chance to move out to Perth.

My husband is in the Building industry and has been offered a job with a sponsorship on a 457 visa. However our employer has never sponsored before so we are still waiting for his approval, which is taking so long ! It's 11 weeks now is this normal? It's driving us all mad because we're in complete limbo. We can't plan anything.

We're not sure if it's our employer that's holding Immigration up or Immigration holding him up, I know that he said to us they're asking for an awful lot of info from him a lot more than he anticipated!

What would be the reasons they wouldn't approve his business please? He is a small building company that hasn't employed many people before, he has mainly used sub contractors. But he wants to expand to a larger business with my husband who is a bricklayer by trade but has experience in project managing large projects.



We have 2 dogs to consider and we were hoping to fly out before the changes to the quarrantine from 1st Jan. I have them booked in for December because I thought this process would be completed by now ! Just don't know what to do whether to cancel this booking in case he gets refused.


My oldest daughter is 18 and needs to plan Uni if we don't go she needs to apply in the UK by Jan, and if she goes to Uni in Perth I think they start in Jan !


I managed to get my other 2 kids into school over in Perth too again they were suppose to start in Feb. Now I'm not sure whether any of this is going to happen! Arrrgghh

Any way sorry to ramble on but any advice would be great. Thank you in advance

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what visa are you applying for, ENS or RSMS and whats your timeline?


There are a few threads on here relating to both visas mentioned above where you can view everyones timeline.


My sponsor submitted to DIAC in June, we submitted our application in October and tbh i still think there are a few months before we get a result!


By the way i have had contact from DIAC requesting medicals etc but still i havent had confirmation that the employer nomination has been approved but have presumed it has been passed otherwise surely they wouldnt be considering my application and requesting medicals etc.

RSMS 119 Visa & Nomination Granted 16th Nov 2011 (Occupation 312511).

Nom certified 12/04/11, Nom submitted 14/06/11, Visa submitted 19/10/11, CO 26/10/11, Meds 07/11/11

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Guest Julesmt

Thank you for your reply. I'm glad to hear we're not the only ones waiting this long! It drives you crazy doesn't it!

If Diac have asked for meds from you it sounds like you're on the home stretch. Good luck with everything, where are you heading off to ?

Some people on here have said there applications go through so quick that's why I thought I better get organised and booked the dogs into quarantine and secured school places etc, as I knew they had long waiting lists.


We're going out on a 457 visa and we need to get out there as soon as possible because my husband is over 45 and we want to apply for PR as soon as we can. I know the age went up this year to apply before your 50.


I'm just worried his business won't fit the criteria and he'll get refused! It's the not knowing that's driving me mad at the mo !

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