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Central Coast Schools....

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Morning all....


We are deep into the planning of a relocation from Victoria to the Central Coast and are looking for some advice on the best public schools in the area. We've been up here for a week and like the area around Terrigal but are also considering the corridor from Terrigal through Erina and Gosford as this will make my commute to Sydney a little easier.


I'll be doing the commute two or three days a week and am fine with that but it is the school which is the driving factor.


My wife is a teacher and we have both done a lot of research online particularly with the Better Education webiste and many of the schools get very similar rankings so we are now looking at the location of the school, facilities etc....!


Hope you can give some good insights.




Spencer (40 Aus), Lisa (36 Permanent Visa 100), Alexandra (11 Aus by Descent) & William (7 Aus by Descent)

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Hi Jibbah24,

Actually i dont have an answer to this but am also interested in the answers that would be given since the we will be moving to central coast in january as well and we have two kids.



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We are also thinking of moving up to the central coast and looking at Gosford and Terrigal. We are currently living in Coogee and although we love it here, we are really keen to buy a place but cant afford anything around here! I'm a paediatric nurse and my boyfriend works in television. Would be really interested to hear what people think of gosford and Terrigal as ive hear mixed reviews + if anyone does the commute to the city, how do they find it - my boyfreind is not keen on this as it currently takes him 10 mins to get to work on his motorbike and i can walk to work in 20mins! Also what are the beaches like around there as we love being close to the beach! Thanks for your help!

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Guest Guest62757

Well I have just put my house on the market in Green Point!! :-)


As for schools, if you can afford it go private even the the religious schools are far better than the public ones. Look at Central Coast Grammar, Central Coast Adventist, Green Point College (baptist)...


I have heard ok things about Terrigal High that it is more for the artistic.


Erina High I would avoid, I live around the corner and I have to say I'm appalled at what the children get up to. For example today on school grounds behind a shed in plain view of the road no trees were kids not that old lighting up ciggerettes talking to someone on the outside of the fence who looked liked he was a runner for the dodgy looking drug dealer on the corner. I'm not joking and I'm not exaggerating either. Also if the girls skirts could get any shorter they would be in playboy! I'm not old and I'm not a prude but really there should be some limit on school uniform.


If your child is bright then try to get into Gosford High which is selective but and excellent high school.


Woodport primary does have a good rep though as well as Avoca and Copacabana primary. Also the schools in Matcham, Holgate are very good because there is more money in that area.



Natashaede - The commute is a killer to be honest, hubby does everyday to Wynyard. He drives to Gosford at 6.30am to get a parking space. If anything happens on the line he is stuck and doesn't get home until 10/12pm. He is exhausted on the weekend from the commute. Terrigal is nice but gets very busy in the summer time. We end up going to other beaches like Avoca, Little Beach, Killcare just because they are easier.

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Guest littlesarah

I can't really comment on schools, because I don't have children.


However, I agree that Terrigal gets ridiculously busy in the Summer. It's hard to find a parking spot, and getting in and out can take ages because of the traffic. Homes in Terrigal cost more than similar properties in other suburbs, because of its popularity.


My husband's nephew and nieces all went to Terrigal High. I think they do have a strong slant towards the arts, and I'm afraid I don't know what the quality of science teaching was like. One of them is now an electrician, one works in media and one is about to start a teaching degree.


Good luck in your endeavours.

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Guest BF3loverboi

hi Jibbah24 if u are looking for a place in the central coast region, woy woy, through to koolewong, tascott and point clare up to gosford area is a great choice commuting into sydney, for primary i recommend Point clare ps< amazing school.

For high schools, avoid Brisbane water secondary, henry kendall and kincumber high, Narara valley high is alright. If your kids dont mind a slight commute, Asquith boys high school and Asquith girls is a good choice, i used to go there, If you can afford it overcoarse Central coast Grammar, if ur son is a brain wizz, Gosford high.

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Guest ozziegirl

hi like your thread me and my family are thinking of moving up to the central coast in april from merrylands west sydney, and i have been thinking the same thing about the schools , we have a 13, 8 and 6 year old, does anyone know about the private high school up there ..




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Guest gellata

Hi there


I have been living on the Central Coast for a year and a half, there are soem great schools in the area + some I wouldn't recommend, my daughter is about to start Empire Bay Public School which has a great reputation and I have been really pleased with all the induction stuff, I will probably put her in Central Coast Grammer from 12 years, but the private schools are not too expensive.


I commute into Sydney each day and it really isnt too bad, We bought our house 15 mins fro the station which does make a difference, its quicker if you can get the train from Woy Woy as it saves you 15 mins, I live near Bensville and Empire Bay and iits a beautiful area and can highly recommend. The trains are nice and quiet and you get a seat when you come from the coast, depends where you work to whether yoiu get a seat coming back but alot of people get off by Hornsby, lots of people just watch a movie and that makes the time go quicker. Kilcare is amazing and has one of the best beaches and its also doesn't get too busy..terrigal and avoca get very busy with tourists, terrigal is a nightmare to drive around in the summer and for this reason and having a shorter commute is why I chose wher we are. There are some lovely areas in Umina Beach although i don't recommend Woy Woy to live although St John Bapist school has a good reputation to.


I can't recommend the CC enough its a wonderful place to live

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