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Guest paulandvick

Withdrawal Issues

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Guest paulandvick

This is a very emotional one. I have a subclass 309 application in right now (Sept 2011)- its front loaded and i do not anticipate any problems.


We do however potentially have a change of circumstances, not involving our relationship, but involving my partners parents who are ex pat British living is Aus who are getting homesick and wanting to return to UK


This has put my partner in a difficult position (she is Aus citizen and my sponsor) and we are considering withdrawing my application so that she can look after her parents settlement back in the UK


Our long term aim is still to emigrate to Aus, but this has put a spanner in the works for our plans.


So my question is this : If I DO withdraw and wish to reapply in the future, will i be penalised for this in terms of wasting everyones time ? If it is going to cause problems in the long term with my visa chances we may have to have a difficult discussion, but i want some idea of the implications first !


Has anyone any experience/advice on this one ? Would be really grateful for any !



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I don't think you would be penalised to be honest, but couldn't you go for a holiday or something, activate the visa and then at least it's done and over with - and if and when you want to move to Oz it's all done and you can just do it easily


Also means you wouldn't have to pay it for it again....


just an idea - good luck with whatever you decide, take care

applied for 309/100 19/1/10, 309 VISA GRANTED 28/4 - arrived Sydney 4/2/11, second stage visa app lodged Jan 2012, PR visa (100) GRANTED 7/6/12, now waiting for babywellie to come join us!:biggrin:

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