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help please on 176

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Please could anyone help........


can anyone advice the best way to make payment to ANMC for my skills assessment and also, does anyone have a template that my manager could use for my professional reference - she has said that if I write it a bit like a cv, then she will sign it but I am not sure if this is acceptable or does it have to be in letter form


I am trying to do this whole process without paying £2000+ for an agent and have received some fabulous help on the site so far


Long may it continue



AHPRA submitted 16.7.12.............long wait begins

OMG AHPRA registration granted - only took 3 1/2 weeks at Melbourne office, job offer 29 Jan with sponsorship, visa application 1 Feb, medicals 8 Feb, 457 visa granted 20 Feb

moved to Orange, Nsw April 2013

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I paid for my skills assessment with my credit card. Shame about the crappy exhange rate at the moment but you just have to keep the end goal in sight and suck it up.


If you have time on your hands you can apply for nursing registration first and then have the modified skills assessment which is much cheaper but then you only have 12 months from getting your registration to activate it !! You need to be in Australia to do this so it is only a cost saving benefit if your visa time line fits.


You will need pretty much the same paperwork for the skills assessment and the Nursing registration so start getting it all together now.


Make sure you get the full Academic Transcript from your Nursing Uni and make sure they know it is for immigration to Australia. They are very particular on the detail contained and will come back for more if it does not meet the criteria.


Your documents must be certified by a Notary Public if coming from the UK. You can find your nearest one here http://www.facultyoffice.org.uk/Notaries2.html Thier prices vary and some are more charitable to Nurses and health care professionals so do shop around.


Thank god British Passport holders don't have to do the Academic English IELTS test anymore for nursing. But you may still have to do the basic one and score at least 8 in each catagory for a PR visa. You would have to look into this futher.


There are some really good Nursing threads and some sticky threads on here in the Jobs and Careers section of the Forum. Most of us Nurses who have allready been through the process have posted on there and if you look back over the year you will find most of your questions have been asked already.


Good Luck.


Why don't you just build a bridge and Get Over Yourself !!

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