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Guest Koda

Prospective Marriage Visa issues

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Guest Koda



Hopefully someone will be able to help me. My partner and I recently got engaged but we have been living in a share house in Australia so therefore can't apply for a defacto visa. So our only option is the PMV.


His visa ends on the 3rd December this year. We are planning to get married in the UK, however I am a little worried that we won't have the money in 9 months time to go back to marry.


We plan on living in a share house to save money so we won't be able to apply for a defacto visa in 9 months time.


Would he be able to apply for a business sponsor if he is on a PMV visa and have the PMV cancelled if we can't afford the wedding. That way it would buy us some time.



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Being in a share house doesn't necessarily stop you from being able to apply for a DeFacto visa.


The PMV is an offshore visa, so you can't apply for it from australia.


Go talk to a registered migration agent, they'll be able to put you on the right track.


If you can't get a defacto application in, have you considered doing the registry office thing here, applying for the partner visa, and then having the big do in UK at a later date when you can afford it? you'd need to get a move on though, the notice of intent to marry has to be in a month and a day before the ceremony, which would be tomorrow if you want to get married on the 2nd december.


Are you aware that you have to be in the UK for quite a while if you want to get married over there? resident for nine days, then submit notice of intent, then wait another 15 days before you can get married? do you have that much leave from your jobs?


lots of things to think about, hope it all works out for you

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