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Permission to take my daughter

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This question has probably been asked before but here goes...


I am hoping to come out Feb 12 with my husband and my youngest daughter age 12, and I'm just waiting for my nursing reg to be awarded to apply for my 457.


I was going through the check-list of documents I need to get ready and one was form 1229 Consent to grant an Australian visa to a child under the age of 18.


My daughter is from a previous relationship,(we were not married) and her father has not even seen her or made any contact since she was a year old. He knew where I was as I stayed in the same house for a further six years after we split up.


I managed to track him down a few months ago and asked him to sign a Stat Dec stating I could take her to Australia and that he had no objections ect, which he did.


On form 1229, which I have sent him to sign, - it asks for photo ID, he tells me he does not have any. No passport or driving licence. Do you think immigration will accept a certified copy of his birth cert - or do you think I will have to pay to get him a passport or get a court order??


I'm worried as I don't want this to stop us getting to Oz. Has anyone been through this?

any advice?



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You will prob have to go through a solicitor to make it official, but check with your agent if you have one.


We had to go through court to get permision to take my son from previous relationship with us, it took 18 months and thousands of pounds, but my ex was refusing to sign for him to go.

My solicitor did send a stat dec to my ex which he wouldn't sign, and if i remember right your ex would have to take this form into a solicitor with photo id to sign it.


you might have to go the court route if your ex doesn't have photo id (wierd lol) but if he has no objections to you going it should be a quick process for you.


We had permission from the courts in august and we will be flying to adelaide on 10th jan, i sooo can't wait now, 71 days and counting lol.


Well good luck i hope you manage to sort it out, any questions though pm me x

TRA lodged - 12/11/09, TRA passed - 09/12/09, SA SS lodged - 31/12/09, SS granted - 25/1/10, visa (176) lodged - 4/2/10, CO - 10/2/11, VISA GRANTED - 22/08/2011

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Yeah my ex is weird lol


I will talk to a solicitor tomorrow - lets hope I can sort it quick.


Thanks again



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