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NSW School fees

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Hi Guys

Can you clarify something for me please....

Would I need to pay school fees if we come over on a RSMS permanent visa? Our girls will be 6 and 4. So 6 yr old will be in school and 4 yr old in kindergarten.

Thank you.

RGN (43) OH (47) 2 daughters (6 & 4):hug: AHPRA applied Sept. '11 & granted Jan. '12. Job offer June '12...e457 lodged 23 aug.'12..medical 28 aug.'12.. visa granted 6 Sept.'12!.. Arrived in Oz 4 Nov 2012.....!

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don't think so, not on a permanent visa

Job offer April 2011, Reccie July 2011, 457 submitted 21/09/2011, my medical only 14/10/11, medical submitted 21/10/11 (IT issues), referred 21/10/11, approved 27/10/11, landed 24/4/12, PR submitted (decision ready) June 2012, PR granted August 2013

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All depending on when your 4 year old turns 5 she may be in preschool next year (have to turn 5 before 31 July in NSW for school entry that year). If she is still in preschool then NSW has a user pays model and you would most likely have to pay fees (there are a few gov preschools but places are tight and they tend to be in socially disadvantaged areas). However if she turns 5 before 31 July she could start kindergarten (in NSW that is the first year of full time school education)


Otherwise no, as permanent residents, school education is free in NSW - well, as free as any school is. You will find there are 'voluntary' fees - usually around $75 - $100 per term, plus uniforms, stationery, visiting teachers, excursions, extra lessons, some consumables etc etc

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