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When can you make a decision of moving to Melbourne to land safely?

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Hi All ,

PomsinOZ is really a great site where I got registered and now we have Grant letter J Thanks to PomsinOZ..

Now that we got Grant letter on 12 OCT ‘11, we are planning to move to Melbourne from Singapore.

From few posts I came to know that a couple require AUD 20k in hand to land in Melbourne..

So with this amount, how many months we can stay .. Keeping in mind that we need to search jobs.. I am counting on worse situations.. I also have my Uncle in Australia who is citizen there whom I can count ... Can we plan our move together if we have just AUD20k in hand? At the moment , i feel making this decision itself is Critical of all .. :biglaugh:

My Question in short is : “When can we make a decision of moving to Melbourne to land safely?”

(a) Only if I have AUD 20k in hand ?

(b) Only if I/my spouse have good job in Melbourne ?

© Or both ?

Any experienced answers please J

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It basically depends on you.


If you have a job lined up, then you only need enough money to get by until your first pay check (ask your employer if you get paid every two weeks or once a month), though you'll have to live with minimal furnishings until you can afford to buy them/your shipped furniture arrives.


If you're moving over without a job lined up, and want to live in a top of the line house, with two nice cars and fully furnish the house straight away, as well as eating out several nights a week, you're going to need significantly more than $20k.


Backpackers generally come out with significantly less than $20k, and are happy to camp/live in cheap hostels, and eat baked beans on toast/pasta for every meal.


How much money you need really depends on what standard of living you're used to and want to have when you arrive in Melbourne.


Bear in mind if you don't have a job lined up, you'll need to show enough savings to pay rent for a while if you're looking for a long term rental. Short term furnished rentals are more expensive, but don't tend to tie you into a longer contract, so it's a bit of a balancing act until you find work.

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