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Guest johny1946

classic cars and modification

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Guest johny1946

hello all,


I have started to look into shipping our stuff and what we are going to bring.

we have come to the decission we are going to bring our old austin with us.

we know it is not worth a fourtune but we love it and dont want to sell it.


my question is,

the car is from 1958 so it was never fitted with seatbelts and to this day it still does not have any fitted.does any body know what rules apply with the road saftey test it would have to go through in melbourn do be able for it to be licenst.

it also will have a speedometer in mph km.


i have spent hours looking but cannot find the rules for classic cars,any help would be great.



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Hi Johny

Try and catch up with Iron Chef on here, he should be able to help. Also take a peak here http://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/Home/Registration/PermitsModificationsAndDefects/OtherPermits/ClubPermits.htm

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