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concerned about applying for 175 over 176!!

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Hi everyone,


not sure if anyone can offer me any advice.


my partner and i are applying for the 175 visa as it is our only option if we want to emigrate to Queensland to be near other family members.

If we were willing to go to Melbourne or Western Australia, we would be eligible to apply for the 176 SS visa..


however, hardly anyone i have spoken to applies for the 175 visa and question us when we say we are going for the 175!


is it a bad idea? and what are our obligations if we go for the 176?


is the waiting time that much difference?


would really appreciate any info!! :eek:

IELTS 24/9/11: overall 9. ANMAC skills assessment submitted 17/11/11 - successful outcome 16/3/12.. EOI lodged: 03/07/12. TRA successful outcome (partner skills) 30/08/12.. 189 invite received 01/10/12 applied: 22.10.12, Visa granted 21.02.13!!

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176 have faster processing times, the whole do I honour the 2 year commitment to the state that's sponsors you is rather a controversial subject! You will find plenty of threads if you search with the relevant info on SS commitments :)

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