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Importing a car from Ireland to Perth, WA

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Guest tom thumb



Could you please give me advise on importing a Mazda RX8 from Ireland to Perth?


Im wanting to know how much would it cost to import my car and to get it registered etc because to buy the same model, year km's etc over here seems to cost around $18,000??!!! http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/images/smilies/chatterbox.gif


Make: Mazda

Model: RX8

60,000 km's

Year: 2004

Value: €4,500 / $6,500

Bought the car 3weeks ago


Any help would be much appreciated

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Guest Bullfitz

you have to apply for permission to import @


but I'll save you the hassle, you have to own-tax-ins a vehicle at home for 12 months before visa was issued in order to bring it over as your own vehicle, if you don't qualify then you'll be hit with large import duties and treated as a car dealer. You'll have to get the car tested by a mechanic in Oz too, loads of hassle, google it and you'll find more info.



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