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Professional development - work related courses at Australian Universities/TAFES

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I am a Permanent resident and trying to apply for a Certificate IV in Training & Assessment course and hopefully, work is paying for it. According to 3 TAFEs and 1 uni, I qualify for the lower fees as my UK qualifications and degree count for anything so technically, I have no qualifications! I didn't need my O/A Levels or degree assessed by VETASSESS for my visa but to do the short course, Vic Uni insist that my degree is assessed by Skills Victoria (which is free). This whole situation is laughable given that I have never had to prove my qualifications to get a jobs in 3 years!


Has anyone else applied to a Uni or TAFE/training provider to do a course having previously done non-Australian qualifications?





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As the holder of a Cert IV WPA it is a jole, no RPL (even if you have 10k hours teaching training experience), and there is no teaching or training experience included in the Certificate.....


Also I am also an alumnus of VU...., shop round e.g. Google for RTOs private providers who sell/deliver the same qualification or e.g. NMİT.

Andrew Smith, B. Bus., M. Ed. Web http://www.aiec.hu Blog http://aiecquest.wordpress.com

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Hi Andrew


I'm trying to get my work to pay for it. They offer Cert IV in Business Admin to everyone which they are willing to pay for but it really is irrelevant to my job and the T&A would be more appropriate and I;m only doing it to get an Aussie qualification. I've been training for 10 years bit got nothign to prove it. My first employer promised to fund it when I came here but gave me loads of excuses, I think because then i was a temp resident so the International fees would have applied.


VU is the nearest place to home and thats the only reason why I would want to do it there. NMIT are sluighly cheaper but I'm not going all the way to Preston to do it.


It now looks like my degree has to be checked by Skills Victoria for some reason so I'm sorting that out which is a pain in the backside but at least it will be free.


It does seem stupid that I can get 3 jobs without showing anything yet to do a silly little course I;ve got to do this.

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