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spouse visa 309 evidence

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Hi there,


It is me again for more questions, and hope everyone can help me with my questions.


My husband is applying for spouse visa submitted outside of Australia about 3 months ago. The CO has emailed us and wanted us to provide more evidence to prove that our relationship is genuine and continuing.


We already gave CO the photo from our travel, daily life, meeting with friends, and wedding. We also gave CO our Marriage certificate, household registration, and our insurance policy with our name listed. Also a couple of cards when we were dating, movice tickets.


Obviously, those are not enough and now the CO wants more.

So I am wondering what else should we provide now?


What is CO looking for in terms of more evidence (that our relationship is genuine and continuing) please?




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Have they asked for more evidence generally or for a specific period of time? It may be that your CO is trying to establish whether your relationship has been going for at least 3 years, in which case you may be granted a permanent visa straight off instead of the temporary one. This is a common reason to be asked for further evidence.


If it's just general it's hard to say as what you've provided already sounds quite good. But perhaps a bit more evidence of you sharing financial responsibilities such as bills addressed to both of you (individually or together) at the same address. Do you have a joint bank account?


Here is a list of things we included (I'm the Aussie, OH is the Brit):


· - personal statements from both of us describing our relationship (roughly one A4 typed page each)

· - certified copies of passports & birth certificates

· - copy of our tenancy agreement

· - photocopies of bank statements from our joint account

· - photocopies of bills such as council tax, utilities

· - last 12 months payslips from me as well as a letter from my employer confirming how long I’ve worked there and how much I earn (to help prove I can afford to sponsor my OH)

· - stat decs from both my parents

· - letters of support/ reference letters from his parents & a friend of ours

· - handful of photo print outs showing us holidaying together or at social occasions (eg work function, friend's wedding, family Christmas)

· - a few print outs of email correspondence to help show how long we've been together eg. me telling my parents about our house hunting & the places we'd looked at, email from my parents to OH the previous year wishing him happy birthday

· - copies of travel itineraries (flight & hotel bookings) showing evidence of us travelling together

· - random stuff such as tickets from a show we saw together, Christmas cards sent to us from family, menu & place name cards from a work Christmas function (was pleased with myself for thinking to keep them!)


Good luck :)

OH's front loaded application (309 visa) received at AH 13/04/2011. CO assigned 20/04/2011. Original documents returned 26/04/2011. Visa approved 11/08/2011! Arrived in Adelaide 3/11/2011


Second stage (permanent) visa applied 2/04/2013. Visa granted 14/05/2013.

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Mail addressed to both of you or to each of you at the same address?


Additional stat decs maybe?


I'm really not sure, because your evidence sounds good. Previous poster may be on to something about assessing you for PR straightaway and therefore wanting more evidence that you qualify for that.


Good luck!

applied for 309/100 19/1/10, 309 VISA GRANTED 28/4 - arrived Sydney 4/2/11, second stage visa app lodged Jan 2012, PR visa (100) GRANTED 7/6/12, now waiting for babywellie to come join us!:biggrin:

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Thank you all for applying. We submitted more evidence to show we are living in the same address, more photo, more cards. Hopefully they will be ok.

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Guest Tillyloola
Thank you all for applying. We submitted more evidence to show we are living in the same address, more photo, more cards. Hopefully they will be ok.


Don't send them more photos and cards, the weighting on these particular items in terms of evidence is so small anyway it would be near useless. In fact do you know that they are considered such a small piece of evidence that some CO's don't even use them at all (but then some that do). Plus you have sent them before and they said it wasnt enough,so there is no point in sending things a second time round, more photos are not going to convince them. I could have given them loads of photos with my next-door neighbor doesn't mean were in a relationship


What they are looking for is evidence of cohabitation at the same address and shared financial responsibilities. Joint mortgage statements for example, is apparently a massive piece of evidence. Things like tenancy agreements, bills in joint names, or separate names that go to the same address for the same time period. Car insurance with both names on. Joint bank accounts or sole bank accounts where you can show payments for household expenses or to one another. Another good one is evidence of joint travel, so any receipts or boarding cards that you may have that shows that you holiday together (photos to back this one up is sometimes advantages). Anything that you may have showing your partner as your next of kin is a good one.


I was in a right state when I was applying for mine as I am shocking for shredding crap that comes through the door, so we had virtually no bills. I made a list of everyone that I could remember that we had financial dealings with and asked them to send copies of documentation. Its amazing how much you will have if you just sit down and think about it. I even included a copy of my mums memorial notices from the paper from early last year as it showed my husbands name being referred to as her son in law. Also phone bills that show calls to each other.


Wishing you the best of luck, putting your application together is utterly nerve wracking.

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