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Guest doogal

ARTC for NIC Part P Domestic Installer Electrician

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Guest doogal

Hi there,


I have a couple of questions about getting my quals and experience recognised in Oz... if anyone has been through the system with the same level of qualifications and experience as me, I would be really interested in hearing about it... I'll explain a little about where I am...


I am currently applying with TRA as a gas fitter for the purposes of a visa (it's cheaper than using VETASSESS as an electrician). However, I would also like my electrical qualifications and experience recognised. I understand that if TRA successfully assessed me and issued an ARTC, then once some additional training had been done with PEER in SA or CET in WA, a full grade A license can be obtained.


My uncertainty is that I don't have C&G 2360 or 2330... I am just an NIC registered Domestic Installer, with a full scope license and 17th Edition. I have plenty of experience rewiring houses, fault finding, testing and certifying but only in the domestic field. I'm not sure if my quals and experience will be enough for an ARTC?


Has anyone else on this forum applied for ARTC, only being a Domestic Installer?


My other question is about when to apply... I have read that a few people on here have applied for ARTC whilst still being in the UK (from a thread in Sept 2011)... I thought that an ARTC can only being applied for with a valid visa to work and an Aussie address? Can anyone who has any experience of this tell me how they managed to apply whilst still in the UK? Did you give an Aussie address on your app or were you honest?


Thanks in advance guys - this forum is sooooo helpful!

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