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Guest Pollo

stuck on 176 online application and WA SS

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Guest Pollo

Hi everybody,

I was just trying to start our application but can't find the correct agency between the ones in the multiple choice.


We applied from migration.wa.gov.au, and we have been sponsored by: Skilled Migration WA - Department of Training and Workforce Development


on DIAC website available choices are:


WA- Southwest Development Commission

WA- Goldfield Esperance DC

WA- State Migration Center - Small Business Development Corporation

WA- Gascoygne DC

WA- Great Southern DC

WA- Mid West DC

WA- Peel DC





the third, maybe?

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Use state migration Center - small business development corp. I had the same issue and that's what migration wa said to do

IELTS General 09/07/11 | CASA Skills assessment applied 28/06/11 - Positive 8/08/11 | WA SS applied for 09/08/11 - Approved 15/08/11 | 176 application submitted 02/10/11 | PCC 12/10/11 | Medicals Finalised 26/10/11 | CO 9/11/11 | Visa 29/11/11

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