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Get Skill Assessment done for lower qualification instead of hightest qualification

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Guest trailblazer



I completed my MCA in Aug. 2008. But before that I was awarded Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications (after 1 Yr. study after Graduation, in 2003) and Advanced Diploma in Computer Application (after 2 Yrs. study after Graduation, in 2004).


I am working as Software Engineer since August 2005 (permanent, full-time, paid).


I got skill assessment from ACS in Feb, 2010.


It stated:


Dates: 08/05 to 10/09 (aug/05 to oct 09) 4 yrs 2 months

Position: senior software engineer


Later it states "Your skills have been assessed to be suitable for migration under 2231-79 (.Net Technologies Specialist) of the ASCO Code, being skilled occupation indicated that you intend to nominate in a General Skilled Migration application."


Next: "Based on the provided certified documentation it is the opinion of the ACS that the application has 12 months experience in .NET Technoloiges."


As I will get same points for Graduation/Diploma or Masters Degree, I am considering getting my professional experience re-assessed based on my ADCA or PGDCA.


Please guide me if it is legal and does not breach any rules to get assessed lower qualification, as I am holding higher qualification.



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