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457 - Adding de facto partner after visa issued

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Hi There,


Currently my girlfriend and I are both on my 457 visa. My girlfriend's employer is now going to sponsor her for her own 457. I'm currently the higher earner between us so it makes sense for me to remain on my 457 for LAFHA until I decide to leave my job.


My question is, how easy is it for me to transfer onto her visa as her de facto partner when I decide to switch employers (assuming the new employer doesn't sponsor me straight off the bat)?


What is the process?


Thanks and regards



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Why bother with her application now? She already has a visa that allows her to work for her employer. Why doesn't she just stay on your visa, and if/when you decide to change employers, THEN apply for her 457 with you as her partner from the outset?


Is her employer going through an agent? if so, then just ask the agent for the best course of action.

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