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VIC SS Help...

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I have applied for VIC SS in end of August 2011 and waiting for the outcome. My agent is handling my case and told me to wait.


I know the probable time frame for VIC SS is 12 weeks but in some threads i have seen people getting VIC SS in 1-2 weeks.


I am from Pakistan and i am not sure if my nationality would affect the time period of my application. Does it really matters despite of having a strong case?


When probably i can hear about the outcome of my application?


Any professional comments/advice will be highly appreciated



ELECTRICAL ENGINEER - WA SS - Visa Granted on 03/09/2013 - Currently in OZ :P

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My timeline signature updated....

I know it is frustrating but you just have to wait it out:biggrin:

ours took 3 months

good luck

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