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All the information on here is very helpful but I can't find anthing about how long it will take for stuff to get from Essex to Brisbane. One reply said up to 12 weeks. Is that the time most people wait. Would be nice to have an idea, so I know what to send when and where. If OH is send tools before rest of stuff, then I am putting kitchen stuff in as well:-)


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It can vary a lot I'm afraid depending on what you do and how you send stuff.

Whole containers tend to get there quicker than shared.

Air-freight is much quicker (obviously) but costs +++


We've been quoted at ~8-9 weeks door-to-door from kent to Melbourne for a whole container, but we're planning on it being more like 10 weeks. Of course that takes us close to Xmas which could mess things up majorly!!

Jo (Aussie), Jon (Pom on a 100 visa), Satch (the gorgeous viscous labrador) have now been joined by Siena Rose.

Does anyone have a spare instruction manual for a baby girl?

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Our container was a full load (FCL); Left Orpington on 25/8 and departed Felixstowe 27/8. Arrived Melbourne 7/10 so I reckon that was 6 weeks 2 days (that included the container sitting in Singapore for 6 days waiting for the trans shipment to Oz. The next variable is customs. Hopefully this will be no more than 2 weeks so I reckon, door to door you're looking at 8-9 weeks.


If your using a shared container then it will usually take longer because of consolidation and de-consolidation of loads which involve more steps in the process and delays on terminals etc.

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