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Guest saulty

Motorbike licence - experienced rider help!

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Guest saulty

Arriving in Sydney in November. I've been on a full bike licence in the UK for almost 10 years commuting in London, and would like to do the same in Sydney. Hoping someone here is a biker and can help me understand what my full UK bike licence will enable me to do.


My attempts to understand the NSW RTA website seem to suggest that:

- Initially I can only ride a class R bike (which means weedy)

- After 6 months without leaving the country I can then apply for a P1 plate on a class R bike for 12 months, then a P2 plate on a class R bike (but ride slowly everywhere) for 2 years and finally a full licence.


Am I really stuck on a wee bike riding slowly for 3 1/2 years? Does 10 years of big bike experience in the UK have no bearing?

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