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Guest MelW

Never knew it would be so hard.....

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Guest MelW

Hi All, we had our leaving party last night, we debated for a long while weather it was the right thing to do, but me & my husband have big familys and decided it would be the easiest way to say bye to all. We have three weeks till we gly but we have so much on in the final weeks, we felt it was best this way. The party was brill and everyone said what a great time they had, it was just so sad, my heart feels like it is been ripped out, maybe slight exageration but you get the picture. We will spend our final week with mum's & dads etc but I have a brother who lives in Ireland that I know I won't see again for some time, we are still strong and trying to keep focused on the reason why we are doing this, it just hurts like hell !!!!


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Guest mandy&Jem

Hi there, Im glad your party went well and you were able to enjoy it despite the tears. I know exactly how you feel, I dont think im brave enough to have a leaving party, i might change my mind about going! l.o.l. My emotions are on a roller coaster ride already and i havnt even applied for my visa or had my medicals. I dread to think what im going to be like if and when i get the okay! What am i like, hey! All the best, Good luck and Take care!

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Hi Mel,


at least that is all over, you do not have to do it again and you will be busy for the next couple of weeks


we are still deciding what we are going to do


have a huge party about 6 weeks beforewe leave, invite absolutly everyone, but be vague about actual departure date.............................


have a huge party a couple of days before we go and tell people at the party when we are going................................


no party, keep quiet about the visa (yeh right, like that is going to happen) and slip away................ sending everyone goodbye cards from the airport


oh I don't know :arghh:


maybe I will change my mind........................... and not go because it is too hard


I don't think so:skeptical:


how exciting for you, so close to the start of a new life

Visa - MODL 136 Childcare Coordinator

1st TRA application, Nov 06, as a Childcare Coordinator came back positive as Hairdresser so...........


TRA ack 20/03/ app 27/04/07

Visa lodged 14/05/07

PC back 10/07/07

visa ack 14/08/07

C O 26/09/07 (11/09/07)

meds arrived 22/10/07

VISAs granted 14/12/07:biglaugh:

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Glad that you had a good party!! We had a big party 5 weeks before we left so I know how you feel. Its heart wrenching but you just have to try and think about why you are doing this!!!!

Look at it this way even tho you wont see the people closest to you everyday you can still speak on phone and the webcam/msn is a wonderful thing!! Oz is only a day away from the UK so not that far!!!! (If you know what I mean)!!!!

I am close to my brother and he only lived 5 mins from us at home yet I used to speak more with my sister in law....now when I speak with my brother he says things like oh my god I speak to you more now than I did when you were here!!!!

Good luck thinking of you

Deb xx

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Guest MelW

Thanks Deb, like you say, just have to keep focused.

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