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Ay Hairdressers out there??!!... Having any luck?

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I have read that Hairdressing is back on the SOL for western Australia, is there anyone out there having any luck getting work/sponsorship in this area? Or does it still exist in other areas even? I am coming out in October but I don't want to give up on my passion and i'd be interested to know if there are any othere people in or have been in the same position. Also how do you find the work out there and hours etc? I'm sooo excited about coming over just madly panicking that I won't get work, and then i'd have to go home.. nooooo! lol. :wink:I love my job but being 20 I don't know that people would see me as having enough experience although I have been qualified since I was 17 and trained in hair extensions done courses etc and overall worked in a salon for 6 years. Please don't burst my bubble!! :( good luck to anyone in the same situation in any other trades too :)



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