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Help..woy woy ??? Gosford?? Umina or the hills?? Wage help too please??

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Hi , hoping someone can help. We have a job offer in sydney ..... 2 adults 3 kids and a dog with a package of around $100,000 plus lafha via company.

To ensure our money stretches to the max we were looking at the above areas.

Does anyone living there think this sounds enough money ????

We will be on a 457 visa so paying schools for 2 .

Questions i need help with are.....

What do people with knowlege of living and visiting these areas think??? On the net umina looks lovely but everyone sounds very down on it.

Hills look gorgeous but really want the beach too....

Husband would commute on motorbike or train to North Sydney 2-3 times week max.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. We are looking at coming out in jan/feb

Thanks in advance

Mandy xx

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Guest mez

Hi Mandy,


The Central Coast is definitely much better value for money than Sydney. My hubby and I moved here a few months ago and we live in East Gosford now which is really nice. I work in Chatswood so while the journey can feel long and tiring, it is convenient to get a train in, and the weekends make up for the travelling during the week. There are parts of Umina, Woy Woy and Gosford that do look a bit rough, but we saw some nice places in all three areas as well. A word of warning though, the pics on the real estate websites like domain are mostly photo shopped so they look lovely on the website and when you get there you wonder if it's the same house!


It's difficult to say whether $100,000 will be enough money for you - does that include super or is there super on top, and how much is the lafha? For sure the lafha will help you out - I get $450/wk from my company and for that we have a 4 bedroom apartment with a huge balcony overlooking the waterfront. I think you can get a pretty decent family home in the area for around $350-$450 and something really nice for a bit more. Living in Australia is expensive, there's no getting around it, so the best thing to do is have a look at websites like this for info on living costs and look at your budget realistically.


Best of luck with it all and let me know if you have any other questions I can help out with!


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