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Quarantine destroy charges

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We arrived in Oz a month or so ago and out container has just arrived. The removal agent informed us that quarantine found a Santa with an unidentified vine attached and we needed to pay £125 to destroy it or £460 to keep it. We paid to have it destroyed however after speaking with others in similar shoes they were not charged to destroy items. I think we have been ripped off, can anyone confirm this?


I would call quarantine myself only it's the weekend!

176 Visa lodged Oct 09, CO request meds Jan 11. Meds arrived in Oz 14 Feb 11, status changed to processing further 16 Feb 11, PCC sent 23 Feb, VISA GRANTED 25 FEB 11.

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Something was found in ours that needed to be treated if we wanted to keep it,therefore a charge OR get it destroyed NO CHARGE!


All sounds a bit :wacko:

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