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So far so good

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Well we arrived in Perth on the 13th of May, at first I had some reservations about the move i had all sorts of feelings about have i done the right thing? will my kids suffer? The first few days were hard. Once we finally moved in to the property provided by work things seem to get better. The kids got in to the school where they are thriving, something which is a weight of me and the wife’s mind. As for work - I am pleased with my decision to move to this new work environment but it is hard to adjust to the way things are done. That been said I am enjoying it.


Initially getting set up was hard it felt like everyone was trying to rip you off which I am sure you will understand once you get here. Just be careful I would give Telstra a wide berth and foxtel! I would not touch with a barge pole. It looks like sky, it’s the same company as sky, but it’s a far cry from what you’re used to back in the UK.


So on to cars I took my car with me it arrived about 3 weeks after I arrived I used Iron chef who gave a good service. But be warned there are other hurdles to overcome once it gets here witch Iron Chef helped with thanks to you Kristian keep up the good work and I will get around to sending you the photo’s I promise just been really busy. Well that’s all I have for now.

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glad you are settling in well... good luck with your future adventure. :biggrin:

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