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Subclass 461

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Hi Everyone! I am living in Australia for more than 3 years now with a Kiwi partner. We have some evidences such as lease and electricity bill on both names, photos, joint bank account to prove our relationship. Can you suggest other documents we need to provide? Also, I am married in my country and no document to prove that we are divorced or separated apart from physically away from each other. Will my marriage affect the approval of my application for subclass 461?


All your replies are highly appreciated. Thank you in advance...

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Hi there,

I'm not familiar with the visa type you're talking about, but I think being married to another person might make it problematic to prove that you're in a committed and ongoing relationship with your current partner..


I'm really not sure - Sounds like you might need some professional advice to sort out the complications!

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A de facto relationship is OK for a 461 and the fact that you're still married to someone else won't be a problem if the marriage is over and you're living with your Kiwi. It's even possible for people with Australian partners to get a permanent Partner visa as a defacto when they're still married to someone else and the rules for a 461 don't seem to be quite as strict as for Partner visas


Your lease, bills and financial arrangements should be sufficient evidence.

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