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Guest Mridul

planning a new build, advice needed

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Guest Mridul

Hey everyone, just signed up to this forum after reading through various bits over the last few months.


We have just booked a plot of land @ the Hunt Club in stage 83. It's scheduled to be titled in Feb 2012. Would like to know how is the estate and came to know that getting internet connectivity is a bit difficult?


Also will be helful if some one can recommend me, so that we can have a rebate of $2000; that's

$1000 for me and $1000 for anyone(one who recommends) ie who lives in The Hunt Club and has recommended you to purchase land here.

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I believe if you want growth then you need to look at older established areas with all the amenities and transport.


New areas where lots of houses are being built are ok if you are there for the long haul otherwise if you sell in a year or two or three you are still competing with builders selling house and land packages and with house and land packages there is a reduction in the stamp duty paid so they are more attractive than established house in same area.


The prices seem to have plateaued at the minute and you would be better off renting and looking around.


Personally I do not like the Cranbourne area its too flat for me and acres and acres of housing and the roads are very congested during peak periods.


If you want private schools depends on how much you want to pay. Catholic system is cheaper than the non denominational system.


If you looked at Mt Martha or Mornington you have access to more good private schools in my view.


Just realised how old this post oh well never mind :laugh:


:ssign15:taking no prisoners :wink:

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