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Guest mikewheble

Banking - Joint account beware

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Guest mikewheble

Hi all,

I did all the right things, set up my account with Common wealth Bank from the UK...the only issue was, I set up a joint account for myself and my wife. A week before I came out, I transferred over circa 10k (can't find the pound sign on a Aussie keyboard). I then got to Sydney last week and absolutely love it...only problem is, I can't access my funds.


I did everything right, went to the bank with my passport and other ID, the only problem is, because it's a joint account, my wife has also have to be identified :arghh:


I thought that I could get my ATM and credit card however, if it's a joint account, you both have to be ID'd by the bank. My wife will be out in two weeks time as I came out first whilst she waits to ship the goods.


Beware if your situation is the same.


I have to say that the bank manager has been excellent and has allowed me some funds. Also, CBA in London have also been excellent and been in touch with my wife to get a bank/accountant in the UK to copy her ID and email through to the local branch.


I guess you learn these things as you go however, if I knew this was to be the case, I would have opened the account in my own name and then add my wife when she got here.


Hope this helps someone.




(In Sydney and it has surpassed all my expectations)

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Unfortunately we found this out when we moved also instead of it being a proper joint account I was added on to Robs which is fine but if you need to call them it's nightmares as Rob had to authorise it

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