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Blue Ringed Octopus could help Cancer

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ONE of the world's most venomous animals deserves better protection in Australian waters, as it may yield a potential cure for cancer, according to a new report.

The blue-ringed octopus is found throughout the country’s coastal waters, particularly in rock pools.


A single bite from the marine creature can paralyse a human within minutes.

The octopus has been linked to at least four deaths around the world.


In a report released by a US researcher, it is argued not enough is known about the tiny octopus’s global distribution, and it could in fact be an endangered animal.

Marine biologist William Lambert, from Prescott College, wrote in his report A Review of Blue-Ringed Octopus Conservation, the highly venomous animals were majestic representatives of poorly understood species, which were difficult and dangerous to study. "Experts have been unable to prove whether or not they are a declining or endangered species," Mr Lambert said.


The toxic venom of the octopus could yield clues for further advances in medicine.

"Blue-ringed octopuses possess one of nature’s most potent chemical compounds with the potential to provide treatments for human diseases," Mr Lambert wrote in his report.

"Future research may one day provide a biomedical discovery for new medications to neutralise pain or even treat cancers."

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Guest guest37336

OK Kate, enough is enough, will you stop putting these wildlife threads up, I have two teenagers who want running to school and college, and they are going to have to wait now.:mad::biglaugh::biglaugh:.


It's a fascinating aspect of the animal/plant kingdom that so many medicines (both potential and actual) are derived from the flora and fauna of the world.


Anorak on, did you know that 70% of the worlds medicines have been 'found' within plants, and once isolated the ingredients of these plants are used to make many medicines to treat both life threatening and non life threatening pills and potions for mankind.


It's estimated that around thirty new 'cures' are discovered a year from both the flora and fauna found on the planets surface, shame that the Amazon is being cut down so quick and an area the size of Belgium disappears every year from the original land mass that 'was' the Amazon.


Cheers Tony.

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Guest orlaandjoe

Thats fantastic, hopefully something comes of it!

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