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Recruitment agents or not?

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Hi all,


We have a 176 PR visa (Tasmania) and are arriving in Hobart 1/11/2011 ( :biggrin: )


My wife is a physio and is in touch with a couple of recruitment agents. The agents she has spoken too regularly say things like "don't apply yourself as we don't want to double up the application" and "don't go with another agent" for the same (doubling up) reason.


I've employed a few people in my career and I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't be that unhappy to receive more than one copy of someone's CV from different sources. It's fairly easy to see an ulterior motive for the agent not to want us to apply direct or through someone else but that doesn't necessarily mean that it is a good idea.


So, does anyone have any experience/thoughts on this? I suppose we would both feel more comfortable with contacting loads of potential employers ourselves but don't want to do that if it will be detrimental to her job prospects.


Much appreciated in advance!




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They don't want you to apply yourself, as once the employer has your CV the agent can't get any commission on the appointment as it isn't an exclusive introduction.


Less scrupulous agents, will get your cv and mailshot it to all potential employers thus getting in the door first....


Even if you then approach the employer yourself, you are already "introduced", and the agent would want a commission.


Trick is to find an agent you trust..., and when you sign on put on the form that CV's only to be sent to prospective employers with your permission. Then if they send it out without permission then no-one is obligated to them.


Agents mailshotting CV's has a negative impact on employers as they get so used to seeing poor or unsuitable stuff, they can't be bothered sifting it to see if there is anything worthwhile.

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Guest Neily

Just echoing what Cadas has already said... I'm in a situation where some recruitment agencies in the uk go straight to my junk mail folder due to them sending me random I.T related Cvs. I only work with agencies who I know will tell the person about the role and ask if it's okay to send on their CV, that way I know that they are mildly interested before I waste time reading their CV.


Another downside to agencies is the amount they charge can be pretty high... so if it's a close call between two prospective employees and one person applied direct, that could swing things in their favour.


I'm sure somebody will be along shortly with some recommendations for Aussie recruitment agencies who won't muck about and will make an effort to match you to a role.

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