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Guest James W

WA Drivers license from UK License

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Guest James W

Hello all,


Got a question for the WA experts in the forum.


I'm reading a document from the Dept of Immigration & Citizenship about "Beginning a Life in Australia" - full of useful info, even thou I didnt know it was 85pages long when I hit print!!


It says that you must apply to change your license over from a UK drivers license to an Australian one within 3 months of moving to the country. EXCEPT in Tas & WA where it's within 3 months of being granted Permanent Residency.


If I'm right thats when we had the visa validated which is now almost 9months ago.


Does this mean we cannot drive/rent a car in Oz when we get there until we take a tests?


If so think the term is bu66er! :arghh: :arghh:

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Very interesting, indeed it does state that .... and it defines the start period as the date at which your visa is granted, not from first entry or first permanent entry (in case you just validated) ...


However .... the WA site states

Permanent visa holders


If you hold a permanent visa, you can continue to drive on your overseas licence until you have resided in WA for three months.


which implies the time only starts once you move permanently ... but just to throw a spanner in the works, on that page is a pdf link ... which states ....


• If you have held a permanent visa for 3 months or more, or your overseas driver’s licence has expired, you can not drive until you have obtained a Western Australian driver’s licence.


which then implies the period starts from the time of the visa grant, as first described ....


Ref: http://www.transport.wa.gov.au/licensing/20669.asp


Seems like they don't really know themselves ...



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