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Any suggestions for employers in Melbourne?

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Morning all,

My husband is currently being skills assessed by ACS and we want to move out to Melbourne as we have lots of family there. Victoria have currently taken ICT applications off their list until further notice so our agent has suggested trying to find an employer who may nominate us.

We are going over for a month at Christmas and would like to line up some interviews.... Does anyone have any suggestions of either any big companies we can contact or any good recruitment agencies that specialise in this?

Any help at all is appreciated, thank very much. Liz x

ACS Skills Ass - 7/10/11 Positive Ass - 27/10/11 IELTS - 5/11/11 L9 R9 W8.5 S9 OV9 App 175 visa - 6/12/11....... CO Assigned 4/5/12 Meds - 7/6/12 Visa Grant - 13/8/12 :biggrin:

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Hi Liz

Sorry to hear that, would you not consider another state just to get through the door then in a few years relocate to Melbourne?

In the meantime here are some recruitment agencies:






Good luck


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