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Jasper Buchanan

Son with Learning Disabilities

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Our dream is in tatters after a conversation with an agent on Friday!

We have a son(18) who has had medical difficulties such as very mild cerabal palsy, incontinence and again very mild epilepsy. Medically he is now in good health. He is on a trial free of epilepsy medication as the docs think he may now be free of this. His bowels have improved greatly with natural remedies. As far as cerabal palsy goes Jordan can walk,talk, run just like any other teenager apart from having slight balance issues. We don't beleve he w I'll need any medication going forward if his epilepsy has disappeared.

However Jordan also has learning disabilities which prevent him from making day to day decisions.Currently as parents we have guardianship to make any life decisions on behalf of our son.

Jordan is now at mainstream college learning life & independent skills such as cooking, communication & finance. How much he learns and takes in at this stage we just need to wait and see.


On the above information an agent we spoke to has said that we would be wasting our time in applying for a visa destroying our dream!


Can anyone offer advice - please???????

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if you go down to the bottom of the page there are links to similar threads, this one might be helpful




Sorry cant help regarding your situation. Maybe contact a different agent who specilises in getting visas with medical issues.


Go Matilda is often recommended on PIO.


Hope you get things sorted.

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Try an agent who specializes in medical issues - the two most mentioned in this regard are George Lombard and Peter Bollard. They will give you the best advice and if they say no, well, they are likely to be correct. On the face of it, I would think it would be unlikely that you would get a visa because of your son's potential for guardianship into adulthood - he would be entitled to a disability in Aus and that would exceed the threshold of costs to the Aus taxpayer however, ask the experts and good luck with it!

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