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YUK - Hungover today - doesn't happen too often now.

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I 'only' had four schooners too, mixture of Crown Lager, Coopers Pale Ale & Heineken. Glad now that I had to leave most of the last one and double glad I did not stop at the Strawberry Hills as I was walking home..


Strange how the little irritations change into 'Capital' offences when you are feeling 'fragile'. That bloke revving his motorbike up for instance and the ones above me playing drum & bass or something equally vile.


I wanted to declare the square kilometre around my unit a noise-free zone. Feel slightly better now I've had what Les Norton calls a 'beer dump'. To think I used to be able to do this for 14 nights solid in Benidorm when I was a youngster!


And my bloody friend, who caused me all the shame of being 'asked to leave' the Woolahra, would have been up for work as usual, half a day before me!

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